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These days life continues to develop at a fast pace – some might argue too fast.

Regardless, one of the things that we might likely all agree is we like cars. We like cars that look good. We like cars that look performance-oriented and if they can deliver, even better.

While customizing cars is still a popular activity, it is most often done to cars that might have a few miles under the hood.

Unless you are a professional athlete with unlimited funds, it’s unlikely you’re going to take a brand new ‘super car’ like a Ferrari, for example and change the angle of the seats, or the colour of the leather upholstery, or rip out the OEM sound system and install customized sound equipment that could rival a stadium-playing metal band. It would be safe to say that Will Castro, the well known vehicle customizer to the stars in Miami, is likely not on your speed dial.

But still you want to drive a car you can be proud. You want to receive nods of acknowledgement from your peers. You want it all, but without breaking the bank.

These days, many of the manufacturers have been paying attention. Rather than lose a customer, some have gone out of their way to build performance-oriented machines that will turn heads at every opportunity.

Let’s examine some of those choices. The following are direct from the dealer floor. What you might choose to do with them is your prerogative. But any one of the following will fit the bill – depending upon the budget you have available.

2012 Honda Civic Si

The all new 2012 Honda Civic Coupe Si is an affordable sports coupe for drivers of all ages. Especially if you’re looking for performance – and excitement and at affordable price point, too.  Starting at $25,990 the all new 2.4-litre, 16-valve, DOHC, i-VTEC® 4-cylinder red lines at 7000rpm while producing a very respectable 201hp. But the biggest surprise? The innovative engine generates a phenomenal 170 lb.-ft. @ 4400 rpm – a 22% increase over the old model!

Nudge the 6-speed manual transmission through the short gates and be prepared for truly spirited performance as the harnessed raw power is efficiently transferred to P215/45R17 tires. If you’ve driven an Si before, good for you. This is different. Feel empowered as the vehicle quickly accelerates from a standing stop and listen to the delightful sound of the engine as its controlled power is unleashed.

This vehicle will bring a smile to drivers, passengers and onlookers alike. Handling is very comfortable and sure-footed.

All in all, a worthy addition to the Honda line-up; perhaps exterior styling is not as ‘drastic’ as some might want, but overall, it definitely delivers.

2012 Honda Civic Si on the course at FedEx Field in Washington, DC


 With sales of 57,501 units in 2010, Honda Civic retained its position as Canada’s top-selling passenger car for the 13th consecutive year.  Since 1973, nearly 1.6 million Honda Civics have been sold in Canada, making Civic a leader in the Canadian automotive landscape.  An all-new, 9th-generation, 2012-model Civic will go on sale this spring. 

All Civic models sold in Canada, with the exception of the Civic Hybrid are made here in Canada. Honda Canada further states that nearly half of all the vehicles Honda sold in Canada in 2010 were built in Canada, including the Honda Civic and Acura MDX, ZDX and the Canadian-exclusive CSX.

Of the more than 5.3 million Honda and Acura vehicles that the Honda of Canada Mfg.  assembly plants in Alliston, Ontario, have produced over the past 24 years, more than 3 million of those have been Honda Civic models.